Upcoming Show

Visit my websiteThis is one of my newest pieces. I love it. This is the departure from the stillness…there is much more movement going on. I finally stuck to the nearly monochrome colors over the complimentary background.

This piece will be in the show I have coming up next month at VAIN Salon. I did some commission pieces for Tina, the owner, three years ago. The salon is so beautiful and inspiring. I am siked to be doing another show there.

I am starting to work bigger and bigger with the collage. The smaller dimensions are feeling too confining. There needs to be more expansiveness. Who knows what is next? I only know it will be larger and incorporate some new materials–maybe contact paper or wallpaper and maybe even a return to glass and light…we will see…

Here is a photo of two of the pieces I created for VAIN Salon in the reception area. They are painted on two big salvaged windows.


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