Gather Assemble Nest Depart

The title of my next show is Gather Assemble Nest Depart. While I was looking at the body of work included, I realized that the earlier works were a gathering of shapes, the next were assemblages–towers and machines, then nests were introduced with little birds, and finally, the birds were flying or departing.

This process unfolds with my art–the gathering of images or shapes, the assembling of the pieces, the building of the works and then it gets to a point where I am ready to depart. Where will it go next? I only know in an abstract way that the work is unfolding and comes in inspiration.

The space between bodies of work is uncomfortable sometimes in its emptiness. But in the vastness is unlimited potential. The important thing to keep in mind during this phase of the creative process, it to be open to inspiration and still step into the studio regularly. Otherwise it becomes scary.

Ok. Thanks.


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