Returning to the Windows

Aguirre CommissionI have just finished a commission piece–a diptych on two old windows! I haven’t worked on the windows for over 2 years, but here I go again. I am totally inspired and getting ready to paint a whole series for a show in the Fall at a location TBA.  I have painted and sold about 200 windows and my style and technique has evolved through this medium over several years. It feels like home. Funny. I had issues with the glass off and on–mainly that it is breakable–but people own glass things and buy stained glass and glass vases and glass birds and whatever–you just have to be careful and cautious when handling glass. The windows I work on are usually very old–50 to 100 years old and they survived weather and wear and living on a home for years and even extraction and transportation to my studio and beyond (Hawaii, DC, Cali…). So it takes a little caution and mindfulness. So what? Anyway, I will post photos of the newest work soon. Here is a flik of a work from a couple years back…


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