Words & Work

mini_wishcatcherI believe that in connecting to artists from the past, through viewing their work or reading their writings, I am fueled in the present. In particular, the late artist Agnes Martin comes to mind. In her book, “Writings,” she touches on something very profound. She writes,

“Say to yourself: I am going to work in order to see myself, to free myself. While working and in the work I must be on alert to see myself. When I see myself in the work I will know that that is the work I am supposed to do.”

As an artist, I feel it is one of the hardest things to write an Artist Statement because the process of following inspiration and the journey of creating and where you end up is such a very abstract experience. I don’t set out to create an exact image from my mind. Instead I experience the “seeing myself” in the work and going from there. When a piece is complete, I step back and see something of myself that had not even existed in real time and space before. I can realize that certain pallettes and shapes and compositions resonate with me and then try to interpret them as a deductive process. The interpretation is a means of communicating something back to myself in words as well as to the viewer of the work.


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