Sometimes the soul shreds the spirit. But don’t worry.

Have you ever ended up exactly where you never thought you would be? But there’s pieces and parts that feel familiar–maybe even hoped for secretly, but not admitted to yourself or anyone else? Maybe you’re there now. Sometimes in the mad-magicness of life, the soul actually may shred the spirit in the name of the soul. That’s because the soul has it’s own agenda. The spirit is a lighter, more friendly aspect of the self that goes along with peace and harmony. It’s spritely and nice. But the soul is rougher–and although it can shine bright and sparkly–it has a depth and fierceness to it that is unforgiving and frightening. The wreckage and the destruction that the soul wages is all part of the process of life realizing it’s full potential–all part of the crushing of the wheat for the bread, the breaking of the hearts for the burning flash of the truest, most freed human. Turns out that the little voice that you couldn’t ignore, but tried to drown–it has the power of lightning bolts and it can blast through the cosmos and bounce back a big shocking HELLO!

And my new studio is almost ready for indefinite occupancy.



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