Broken Boat

broken boat

This newest work feels like a departure from previous paintings. It feels like a breakthrough and a new direction. The looseness, the way things lay tossed together and a little less carefully stabilized. Titled “Broken Boat,” it’s about realizing you’ve crossed an ocean and now you’ve reached the other side. Your boat did a really good job of ferrying you, and now you are here, in this new place, and the boat is in peaceful pieces and it’s no longer of use for you. You can’t go back to where you came from. This new place is your place and the time is now and all the broken parts are beautiful and ready to be released back into the bigger body of water. And you can rest. And be. And be grateful for the long long journey that was full of tumultuous ups and downs and storms and you really thought you might die a few times, but you lived and now here you are. You are here now. Be here now.


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