{artist statement}

The Beyond is Nearest at Hand ~ July 2012

Throughout the process of making these wood assemblages, I have discovered an ongoing narrative in which I can insert myself to play a role that is part my making, part divine. I have rescued the off-cuts from going to the chipper, and now each one serves as an integral part of a complete art piece. At the very least this process gives me a grip on the world. I appreciate so much the way the work comes together; it’s as if I am completing a puzzle or solving a mystery. Working with these humble materials has shown me that truly the beyond is nearest at hand.

I scavenge many of my scraps from construction roll-offs around the city or get them from gracious builders who set them aside. I clean them, sand and prime them, then paint them with a brush. In handling each piece I notice its character—the wood grain, boot stamps, letters, penciled measurements, staples, and nails. But once they are covered in color, they are transformed into objects, and I spend lots of time shuffling them around until they make sense. I then glue the final arrangements so they stick forever.

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