about my earrings…

metallic gold leather loop with black stencilled block // antique gold fittings wholesale: $25
metallic gold leather loop with black stenciled block

I make earrings with upcycled designer materials including leather, wood, and wallpaper, and add design elements through the use of stencils, spray paint, collage, and vintage decals. Sometimes the material dictates the design, other times the surface lends itself as an ultra mini canvas. The earrings are lightweight, a little edgy, always feminine. My work is inspired by mid-century design, Bauhaus aesthetics, and minimalism.

I’ve sold my earrings at pop-up shops around the city, trunk shows, funky salons, and hip retail stores specializing in upcycled coolness.

The story about how I came to make earrings is strange, but true…I tend to rely heavily upon magic in figuring out my path. By “magic” I mean intuition, listening, prayer, inklings, visions, etc. I was at a point in my life when I was really searching for the next step and so sat down to connect to guidance. After some time, I was struck. I got in my car and drove directly to a motherlode of perfectly intact designer leathers, textiles, and other interior design samples. Apparently, a talented design duo had cleared out their mansion-based home office. Zing! Ding! Hello! I swooped up the booty and the rest is history in the making…

I have always been a thing-maker. Back when I was in my early twenties I made record bags for local DJs and hats for hipsters out of repurposed upholstery. I’ve also worked extensively as an abstract painter, utilizing found materials such as broken glass, vintage windows and lumber scraps for surfaces. In the more recent years I have been painting on stretched canvas with acrylics. I’ve exhibited my art in many venues throughout Denver, worked with some awesome interior designers, as well as completed commissions for public venues and private clients.

It’s funny, but the way that I came to making earrings has definitely confirmed that there are always little (or not so little signposts) that lead you on your way through life. These synchronicities are continuously sparking an awareness in you, and if you are awake and brave enough to follow, you will end up where you are meant to be.


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