Trust we Must – My New Series

w_s_robotI just hung a new show at Pablo’s on 6th and Washington in Denver (thru July). This newest series is such a break from my last work in that the collage pieces were laid down with complete trust–no labored arranging and re-arranging. It feels good to trust my own intuition in creative process and in life in general. Click here to visit the online gallery of new images.

As life unfolds, I see it is true that with radical trust, life reveals itself much more beautifully when I can let go and live free of anxiety and worry. How much control do we really have? What does “take control of your life” mean? I can make choices in my mind and in my daily actions and then the rest is up to life and for me to trust and move. The ultimate trust is that we will live to see another sunrise and another moon and even another full moon. Trust is trust and trust we must. Trust inspiration to show you something about yourself. Trust your strength to change one little thought in the mind to repattern into something more life-affirming. Trust that your life will unfold in a kind way, that reality IS kind and full of possibilities. Trust intuition. Trust connection. Trust love. Trust your Self and get anchored in your life.


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